Emergency Response Team Training and Audits

Our Fire Team Training encompasses everything a business would expect, being able to transfer the knowledge and experience of current fire fighters with years of exposure to fire, hazmat, trauma, chemical spills and rescue related incidents to your emergency response teams.

Each team can have a training programme designed for their actual role and is trained to fire fighter National Occupational Standards, whilst providing alternative required skills such as trauma, working at height and confined space.

Team of firefighters on training course
Who Should Attend?: 

This is aimed at a business classed as a COMAH site or equivalent, where there is a need to provide an initial emergency response. The training may be appropriate to either a new person joining, or could be an excellent investment in reassessing and renewing competence in existing members an emergency response team.

Learning Outcomes: 

Some of the key topics covered can include:

  • Fire fighting
  • Trauma care
  • Confined Space
  • Incident Command
  • Working at height

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