Experienced Fire Marshall Course

This course is tailored around the needs of those Staff who will be required to undertake the role of Fire Warden/Marshall and have previously undertaken any fire marshall training.

This course refreshes delegates with the awareness and understanding of the threat posed by fire, their personal responsibility in preventing an outbreak in their place of work and the actions to be taken should one occur.

This course will also refresh delegates with the knowledge and understanding to undertake the role of a Fire Warden/Marshall.

It is also important to know the law and various techniques change and improve over a 3 year period and this training allows for the new information to be provided.

extinguisher handling
Who Should Attend?: 

Anyone who has previously had practical experience of being a Fire Marshall and/or has been on a Fire Marshall training course within the past 3 years.

Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of the course, students will:

• Have developed a greater awareness of the hazards of fire

• Recognise the threat that fire poses to people and property

• Appreciate the needs for effective fire emergency procedures

And be able to;

• Distinguish between the different types of extinguishers and the fires for which they are suitable plus practical use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

• Communicate the fire safety message to their colleagues.

• Know the duties and expectations of being nominated as a Fire Marshall/Warden.

Assessment and Certification: 

There will be continuous assessment by the trainer over the duration of the course and a certificate will be produced upon successful completion.

Half Day
£75 (exc VAT) per person - bulk discounts can be applied

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