Foundation Degree in Fire Investigation

Teesside University County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue CIC


This programme has been designed and developed in partnership with Teesside University and County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service.

The programme is designed around the ethos of workforce development allowing operational staff to learn, develop and implement new skills and knowledge in the workplace. It is a mix of theoretical study, research, critical evaluation and practical exercises.

The course leadership team includes academics and practitioners, in addition to external speakers from a broad range of sciences and operational disciplines.

Foundation degree graduates
Who Should Attend?: 

You should be a serving fire officer or crime scene investigator employed in a fire investigator role. Fire officers would be expected to be at Level 2 and have some previous experience of carrying out fire investigation. You should be able to demonstrate a good level of ability in literacy, numeracy and information technology and should have experience of producing written documentation within your professional environment.

This course can also transfer to a commercial environment, especially for sites with high risk, the course can be adapted to suit.

Course Content: 

The two year course is divided into eleven modules, which are delivered over two or three days. Each module is separated by a study period of six to eight weeks.

The modules are accompanied by a written assignment. You will conduct research and critical evaluation of operational practice, knowledge and investigative mindset. Modules include scientific methodology and critical thinking, fire scene photography, forensic reconstruction, fingerprint recovery and practical fire scene examination techniques.

Assessment and Certification: 

The programme concludes in a two part assessment. In the first part you will conduct a fire investigation at a live fire event, prepare statements and conduct witness interviews and forensic reconstruction, culminating in the production of a file for presentation in court.

For the second part you will present to a legal bench panel formed from serving magistrates and a coroner in a working court room at Teesside University Middlesbrough campus. You will be robustly cross examined by a barrister and the legal bench panel, and assessed against the fire investigation National Occupational Standards.

2 Years part time study

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