ILM Qualifications

Vital Fire Solutions, (ILM Centre number 005829) provide a range of bespoke ILM accredited leadership and management courses for the private and public sectors. The acquisition of accredited leadership and management qualifications are now recognised as being fundamental to increased organisational efficiency and professionalism.

  • With this in mind, the aim of the ILM accredited management programme is to provide specifically profiled management courses that accurately reflect the language and culture of both the organisation and its staff. The qualifications, result in the organisation acquiring leaders and managers capable of meeting the technical challenges of the modern workplace.
  • The programme is highly participative, using facilitated discussion, presentations, case studies and group work which promotes reflective review, encouraging delegates to find opportunities to apply the learning in the workplace. Delegates will be required to complete work-based learning assignments.
  • The qualification levels range from level 2, right through to degree level and we take a very holistic view to each prospective customer being unique in requirements and therefore always promote the fact that ‘one size does not fit all’ – we work with businesses to listen and find out exactly what it is they require, so that the most appropriate training or qualifications are identified.

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