Team Building

Our team building days are a fantastic way to experience key elements of some of the most rigorous and challenging mental and physical exercises in the world. Fire Service training is renowned for being the pinnacle of safety related training and associated with this are the requirements to work as an effective team, helping to achieve an overall goal.

We present the opportunity for companies to experience some of the training that real fire fighters undertake through our team building days. We work with a business and listen to what your requirements and overall outcomes are and then work with you to create a programme of team building that will engage with all participants and we feel there can be no better opportunity of enhancing team working than through our team building programme.

We provide real fire fighter equipment, encourage involvement in fire training exercises and focus in on key aspects of a team, to help improve topics such as team working, communication, working under pressure, leadership and goal setting.


People placing hands on top of each other
Who Should Attend?: 

The teambuilding days are ideally designed for groups of 10-15 participants however we can tailor the course to suit larger teams.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Improve teamwork, planning, communications
  • Develop relationships
  • A shared team experience that will last a lifetime
  • Consider a person’s appetite for calculated risk
  • Fulfill sense of achievement
  • To have fun!
Teambuilding days are scheduled in agreement with the business and could be either 1 or 2 days

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