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Vital Fire Solutions has a team of experts, with the knowledge, skills and experience to support any business of any sector or size in regard to a risk and resilience assessment and emergency response plan. We help equip our clients with complete preparedness in case of any emergency.

So, what do we mean by emergency? Well, it could be something essential, but regular, such as Fire Alarm testing and evacuation. It could also be to test out risks identified on a risk and resilience assessment. It could also be identified on any business continuity plans, emergency response plan or standard operating procedures (SOP).

An emergency response plan is a plan is to provide a fast response in the event of an emergency, whilst guiding employees, agencies and any other associated personnel.

Vital Fire Emergency Risk Resilience Planning

For many higher risk sites, it is essential for the health and safety of workers, due to the number of hazards and risks found on-site compared to work environments such as offices.

Our Emergency Planning and Risk and Resilience Assessment support will: –

  • Identify all potential hazards and emergencies that could occur and impact the site.
  • Include evacuation procedures for the work site.
  • Identify emergency contact details and have the appropriate procedures for the appropriate emergency. Also raising alarms in the event of emergency situations.
  • Identify the appropriate procedures and equipment required for an emergency, to enable to protection of people on site.
  • Test response plans, risk assessments and SOP’s – potentially using our Incident Command software in an immersive environment or even by tabletop exercises.

On high-risk sites, having emergency response plans with comprehensive risk and resilience assessments, whilst being able to test them out in safe environments is essential for not only compliance, but also to be able to protect anyone on your site.

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