Skills for Justice Level 5 Certificate in Fire Investigation: Theory and Practice

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This Level 5 qualification has been developed to enable current practicing Fire Investigators to underpin their skills and expertise in the field of Fire Investigation.  The content of the certificate in fire investigation course has been designed to provide enough theory and practical learning to ensure the successful candidates are qualified to a level, which is acceptable in a court of law.

Who should enrol?

This qualification covers fire investigation procedures and will be appropriate for fire officers, scenes of crimes officers and others involved in investigating and reporting on incidents involving fires.

Learners who wish to undertake this certified fire investigation qualification must be experienced fire investigation practitioners.  It is difficult to define a precise time period or several incidents each practitioner needs to investigate in order to gain appropriate experience.  However to give an indication, it is anticipated that the length of time needed to gain the required experience could range from a minimum of one year in post as a ‘full-time’ investigator with a large UK Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Service (F&RS), to a number of years for a practitioner (F&RS, police or other service) working in a quieter part of a rural region with fire investigation as an “add on reference” to their role. 

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Qualification Structure

This certificate in fire investigation course is designed to accredit the knowledge and skills required for working in fire investigation.  The qualification consists of four mandatory units, which give learners a total of 22 credits:

  • Prepare to investigate an incident involving fire and/or explosion
  • Investigate an incident involving fire and/or explosion
  • Report on the investigation of incidents involving fire and/or explosion
  • Present evidence related to fire investigations in court and at other hearing

The Total Qualification Time and Guided Learning Hours for this qualification are as follows:

SFJ Awards Level 5 Certificate in Fire Investigation 220 50

Course delivery structure

Pre-course learning to be sent out in advance of the course, the student then attends a 1-week theory course. There is then a 1-month gap where distance support is provided by a tutor. The student then comes back in for the week’s practical and is then provided a 2-month window to complete the coursework for the qualification – this again is with tutor support.


In total the qualification should take a maximum of 4 months to complete – but could be done sooner – this timeframe is based on the learner having the correct amount of input against set timeframes.



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