Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces

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This course works towards National Occupational Standards (EUSCS02) and is about working in confined space environments where there is a medium risk that a specified hazard may be present. It will require the use of escape breathing apparatus. It will involve the presence of one or more people – positioned outside the confined space – who have designated responsibilities for controlling the entry and dealing with emergencies.

COURSE Structure

Entry to the confined space may involve:

  • Vertical entry normally using a ladder or man-riding winch, both requiring fall protection and means of assisted rescue such as a rescue winch
  • Horizontal entry such as walking or climbing into the confined space or working away from the bottom of a vertical entry, with limited use of a rescue line. Such types of entry may involve more than one person entering the confined space

Who should attend?

Anyone who works in an area determined by an employer, through an appropriate risk assessment as a confined space.

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare to enter and work safely in medium risk confined spaces
  • Enter and exit confined spaces safely
  • Prepare and use escape breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
  • Use equipment and tools safely and in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
  • Follow procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Legislation – confined spaces and their environment
  • Equipment and tools
  • Working with others
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Confined Spaces medium risk working environment and Confined spaces and their environments
  • Working safely

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This is a two to three day course



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