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Vital Fire Solutions Ltd are proud to announce that we are we accreted to Level 1 with Skills for Justice and able to offer a range of Incident Command training opportunities, based over a number of different levels, to effectively monitor and learn existing and new techniques attributed to incident command.

From basic incident command system training to incident command training scenarios we use Fire Service best practices to ensure the highest level of training available.

What would you do if there was an incident of some sort on your site? Would you know what to do, who to call and would it match your current risk assessments? Customers are seeing the real value in being able to train and learn in a safe environment, being able to test out their disaster-type scenarios, through our Incident Command training. We immerse delegates in an environment, with images and scenes from their actual site, with agreed scenarios such as a massive chemical spill or fire, and then see how they react.

The provision covers training for both Fire Rescue Services and industrial businesses alike, in many cases, a bespoke package is developed to replicate the delegates working location and then play out a number of different scenarios, which then helps:

  • Identify the person’s appetite for control or risk
  • Test the management thought process
  • Evaluate scenarios around disaster prevention and/or recovery
  • Gain vital experience in the ‘what if’ world of high risk situations
  • Test Standard Operating Procedures

There are a number of levels of training we can work with you on cover various incident command training scenarios:

  • Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Basic ICS
  • Intermediate ICS
  • Advanced ICS
  • Incident Command System for Executives

The training days vary on the type of training required and how an organisation would like the training to be made.



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