Certified fire investigator training from Vital Fire

Fire investigation is critical in determining the cause of a fire and establishing whether it was started deliberately. In cases where arson is suspected, fire and rescue personnel may be called upon to give evidence in court. To provide expert testimony, it’s important you stay up to date with your training and professional development. At Vital Fire, we offer two levels of SFJ accredited certified fire investigator training.

Introduction to fire investigation course

Certificate in fire investigation: theory and practice

Introduction to fire investigation

This course is suitable for watch managers, crew managers, and junior scenes of crime officers (SOCOs). This course won’t qualify you to do the job of a fire investigator, but it will give you a greater understanding of what’s involved, so you can make more accurate and effective judgements while doing your own job.

This accredited Skills for Justice course, is a level two award. We estimate it will take 20 hours to complete, and eight of these are guided learning hours.

Certificate in fire investigation: theory and practice

This certified fire investigator training course is suitable for practising fire officers, and those involved in investigating and reporting on incidents involving fire. You must have experience in the field to take this course. If you are unsure whether you qualify, take a look at our pre-entry requirements here.

The course is designed to ensure that fire investigators are trained to a level acceptable in a court of law. It is made up of four mandatory units.

  • Preparing to investigate an incident involving fire and/or explosion
  • Investigating an incident involving fire and/or explosion
  • Reporting on the investigation of incidents involving fire and/or explosion
  • Presenting evidence related to fire investigations in court and other hearings

Accredited by Skills for Justice (SFJ) this is a level five award, and we estimate that it will take students four months to complete. With the right amount of input and support, you may be able to complete the course sooner.

Taking the next steps

Staying at the forefront of your industry is easy with Vital Fire Solutions. Our course leaders are experienced fire and rescue personnel who use their own experiences to deliver high-quality, engaging content. If you would like more information on our certified fire investigator emergency training courses, contact the team at Vital Fire Solutions.

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