Have you ever thought what would happen if someone in or out of your workplace took ill, had an accident and needed your help? The value of receiving quality training to provide a person with the tools, knowledge and understanding of what to do in the event First Aid is required cannot be underestimated. Applying all the things a person can learn from our First Aid courses can potentially save someone’s life.

We cover all aspects of First Aid, whether it be Emergency First Aid at Work – which is aimed at a low risk workplace- for example, a small office, then this shorter course is perfect for an appointed person to receive basic training on what to do in the event of an accident or emergency situation.

Protect your employees with excellent first aid training

The full First Aid Certificate and refresher courses are aimed at more for workplaces which have greater significant risk and more likely to need a trained first aider. The HSE provides a first-aid needs assessment   to help employers decide what first arrangements may be necessary.

The courses VFS provide will be delivered by staff who have potentially been in some of the most critical emergency situations and you can be safe in the knowledge that the delivery is of the highest quality – we also pride ourselves on learners actually coming away from our training, with some real tangible learning points.

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