Fire safety training for anyone in a business responsible for health and safety

For the person responsible for the safety of staff in your business, understanding the latest firefighting techniques that they can employ at work, can be critical. If they haven’t had any fire safety training , that’s fine as we have fire training programs ranging from beginners to the highly experienced. It’s vital that now the lockdown rules are changing, your business is fully compliant with the health and safety laws. You may also be asked for evidence of site training, should you receive an inspection from an enforcing authority – such as the Fire Service, so it’s best to show the business is fighting fit.

Fire extinguisher

The most basic kind of firefighting we teach is how to use a fire extinguisher. In our fire training Durham program for example, we teach everyone the types of extinguishers there are, from foam, to water and carbon dioxide extinguishers. Large, small or in between, we teach them how to handle them effectively. You only have a limited amount of extinguishing liquid to work with, so accuracy is paramount. We’ll teach your employees how to be proficient in this regard.

First aid

Even if a fire is managed to be put out, what happens to those that may have been injured by it? Your health and safety manager needs to know what happens next and help those that need to be given potentially life-saving treatment at the scene. So we teach how to use a basic first aid kit, how to do emergency first aid such as shock and bleeding treatment. We also teach resuscitation techniques, as well as choking. In modern compliance laws, regular first aid testing is performed, so this is something you will want to tick off your list.


Our fire training Darlington program is one example of how seriously we take our role in teaching your employees how to save lives. Fires don’t usually burn their victims to demise, it’s actually the smoke and also the lack of oxygen in the air that causes the most fatalities. So being quick-reacting and having smart fire awareness, that can herd fellow colleagues to safety and know what not to do, is so important. Our expert trainers have worked with many brands who work in high-rise buildings, office complexes and manufacturing plants to name a few types of structures to provide expert awareness of how fire can be dangerous in any workplace.

Fire marshal

In our open site training area, usually held in Durham – but we can deliver at your site as well – we will give your nominated staff a thorough chance to test their coordination and risk assessment skills. A fire marshal ensures that everyone is evacuated out of the building and correct procedures are followed so no man or woman is left behind. They will be given the skills to effectively manage people who may be panicking, who may be disorientated and suffering from shock, and get them out of harm’s way quickly and without further incident.

We regularly work with businesses to look at a rounded health and safety package, which encompasses all this type of training.

If you would like to know how your employees can become potential life-savers, speak with us via our online enquiry form here. Or call us on: 0191 375 5690.

One of our team will get back to you with details on how we can help very soon. Thank you for your time and interest in Vital Fire Solutions Ltd, part of the County Durham and Darlington Fire Authority’s service.