Is being a firefighter for the day the perfect post-COVID team building event?

With the slow but consistent lifting of lockdown and the normal swing of things finally returning, now is the time to reunite your team with a team building activity day. After being away from the office for so long, the cobwebs in your teams that managers try so hard to keep from forming, are plentiful. So with a good day out and a few activities to boost the heart rate, this should get your team to work like a well-oiled machine again.

What is it?

Firefighter for the day is a popular team building activity in north east England. It’s basically as you imagine, fighting mock fires. You soon realise that you need to assess the situation rapidly. You need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each person and form a strong team. Everyone will be wearing protective equipment and professional firefighters will be on standby to help your team along. The mission is to control and kill the fire as well as formulate plans of action together.

Effective communication

Something they don’t always portray accurately in films is how loud fires actually are. So when your team is let loose to control a fire, they will need to combat the noise as well as the clock. So good effective communication is required, so you don’t waste a single second, or a single breath. It helps teams to really focus on each person, yet recognize the team is responsible to act as a single entity.


A team that can admit and address weaknesses is on the road to victory sooner than an arrogant and egocentric team. Our day of activities will force your employees to confront weaknesses, that may take the form of impatience, lack of action for too long, not listening to an introverted person, having too many introverts, or squabbling for the leadership position, etc. The sooner you iron out the kinks at our firefighter day, the better for a real working day.

Real equipment

Everything we provide for the day is real and used by real firefighter crews to do their job. Yes, it’s a little heavy, awkward to put on, but this something to relish. Your team will be physically forced out of their comfort zone, required to all do their bit, push through barriers and get dressed on time and ready to go. It focuses minds and supports team coordination through individual endeavors.

Plan of action

Perhaps the most important part is the plan of action. How will you combat a fire? Your team has to develop a plan that is easy to understand, has a clear objective, strategy and tactics, but also, allows each member to produce their best when it’s needed. Just when you think you have the fire beat, we might just make it larger so your team has to deal with something unexpected. You’ll soon find out what they are made of!

In business, teams fail and succeed together. At our firefighter day this is exactly the kind of value we want to instill in your employees. Contact us today to find out more. Go to our firefighter for the day team building page here or email us at or phone us on 0191 375 5690.

One of our team will get back to you with details on how we can help very soon. Thank you for your time and interest in Vital Fire Solutions Ltd, part of the County Durham and Darlington Fire Authority’s service.