What Colours of Fire Extinguishers are Available?

There are 5 different fire extinguisher colours available: Red, Cream, Black, Yellow, and Blue. Whilst all models will have a Red body, they will be colour coded according to the colour classifications above via a banner near the neck of the extinguisher.

They all have their own uses in the modern world, in cases of both domestic and commercial fires. Under legal compliance, it’s imperative to have the right colour coded fire extinguisher on the premises at all times.

Why are Fire Extinguishers Different Colours?

Fire extinguishers are made with different classes of fire in mind. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 6 classes of fire you’re likely to run up against:

  • Class A: caused by combustible materials, like wood and paper
  • Class B: caused by flammable liquids, such as paint strippers or petrol
  • Class C: caused by flammable gases, such as Methane
  • Class D: caused by combustible metals, such as Titanium and Magnesium
  • Electrical Fire: caused by electrical equipment
  • Class F: caused by cooking oils, most often in the case of a chip pan fire

The colour code on a fire extinguisher will determine whether or not it will be effective against these fire classes. Let’s go through what these fire extinguisher codes mean:

If the fire extinguisher is fully Red, it’s a Water Type extinguisher. Able to be used on Class A fires only, water is good at putting out small fires created by combustible materials. Say, if a waste paper basket, filled with paper and other reading materials caught fire in your office, this would be a safe option to use.

If a fire extinguisher has a Cream colour code, it’s a Foam Type extinguisher. Able to be used in case of A and B class fires, foam spray can be used on organic solids and flammable liquids. In the case of your organisation’s fire safety policy, check out the P50 Extinguisher from Vital Fire. A maintenance-free model that comes with a 10-year warranty, this is a quality assured extinguisher with a long service life guarantee. And if you’re worried about your company’s green rating, the P50 is also carbon neutral!

If the extinguisher has a Blue colour code, it means it’s a Dry Powder type. The most versatile extinguisher in manufacture, this can be used on Class A, B, C, D, and Electrical fires.

If the colour code is Black, the extinguisher is a Carbon Dioxide Type. Suitable for use on Class B and Electrical fires, the Black fire extinguisher can be used against both low and high voltage fire sources.

And if the fire extinguisher is Yellow, it’s a Wet Chemical Type. This can be used on Class A and F fires, thanks to its ability to put out high temperature, volatile fires. It can be used very safely in all commercial kitchens.

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