What’s the value in Safety qualifications?

The benefits of training safety qualifications within any organisation are fairly self-explanatory, as many a wise person has said, “knowledge is power”. However, it is startling to know how many businesses fail to invest in Health and Safety related training and especially qualifications – such as IOSH certificate and NEBOSH certificate training. Vital Fire Solutions, part of the County Durham and Darlington Fire Authority’s service offer the following business safety qualifications;

For those who haven’t heard of these, there is a fairly simplistic way of looking at both of these – Gaining an IOSH certificate is a brilliant way of introducing knowledge on aspects of Health and Safety practices and legislation, from the Working Safely course – usually delivered over 1 day to those in the business who are not in leadership or management roles, to the Managing Safely – which is more applicable to Leaders and Managers of a business, encompassing their role in keeping their staff safe.

IOSH and NEBOSH training courses

The NEBOSH Certificate course is far more in-depth, normally delivered over a 12-week period – highlighting aspects of law and legislation, but also considering specialist topics such as noise, vibration, chemical, fire and risk assessment. Its far more relevant to a person either working in or looking to work in a role such as a Health and Safety Manager – however this should not detract Managers within businesses who may have responsibilities for producing risk assessments. The qualification is extensive, it’s tough to undertake and the exams at the end are fairly rigorous, but it’s a fantastic qualification to boast upon completion.

If you haven’t already got either IOSH certificate and NEBOSH certificate training qualifications in your workplace, we’d love to speak more to you about how this can really affect the safety culture in your business, minimise the likelihood of accidents occurring and provide a fantastic platform of education for staff at all levels to ensure safety is paramount within their business.

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